About Us

Tarlan Kimya - Terlans - High Experience-Low Prices-Fast Service

Tarlan Kimya Limited established in 1997 as a professional manufacturer specialized in industrial cleaning products and car care products. .Our products are registrated with TERLANS label. It puts big importance on AR-GE product research and it provides costumers with good quality services. Tarlan Kimya Limited produces eco friendly and special products.

Our products are produced with high biodegradability Raw Materials and tested according to Turkish & European standarts in modern internationally awarded labarotories.

With our expert team, we have been manufacturing products that best reflects your brand.After sign a mutual contract for manufacturing according to the contractual arrangements, production starts to you with your specifications or specifications we have developed.

It lays great importance on AR-GE product research and offers quality and economic products to its customers in competitive prices. All of our products have passed quality test of famous university laboratories


• Increasing Turkey’s positive activity in terms of place in growing World economy and expanding global markets in participation.
• Innovative
• Focused on consumer satisffcation
• Adopted quality as a principle
• Accesible with its penetration power and prices.


Our mission is;
• To manufacture or supply the appropriate and high quality products with competible pricing.
• To provide after-sales technical support and services to satisfy customers consistently
• To manufacture environmentally friendly and human safe products and replace existing chemicals and materials to such products.